Cittamani History


In December 1994 a group of about 45 interested people gathered to discuss the possibility of setting up an in-home hospice service on the Sunshine Coast. At that time there was no specialist service in this area for people facing a terminal illness who wished to remain at home.

The dream was to create a service based on values of compassion that acknowledged and fostered the positive in all of us. It was to be a service that supported and empowered people facing the end of their own life, or of someone close to them, to live their remaining life on their own terms and in a manner meaningful to them. The focus was to be on quality of life for the terminally ill person and support for their family. The service was to balance professional nursing care with a holistic approach and community involvement.

Little did this group of pioneers dream what they were setting the foundation for an organisation that would grow and flourish over the next 25 years to become a respected and established part of the Sunshine Coast community, providing palliative care for over 4000 people and their families.

Our hope is to continue to meet the growing need on the Sunshine Coast, always having regard for our ability to provide care that meets with our vision and values, and to provide the holistic and compassionate care for which the Service has become known.