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Upgrade Entry and Carpark

Finding our property can be difficult for new visitors, particularly as it is located in wooded surrounds on a busy road, with the entranceway not overly obvious.  As such, it is easy to miss, with many first-time visitors having to double back.

The driveway is unsealed and uneven in places. It is also narrow, not allowing room for two cars heading in opposite directions to pass comfortably.

Outside our building, the carpark is a grassed and dirt area that is uneven in places, which could be greatly improved to better service our clients.  We currently do not have a specific disability carpark.

Added to this is a Sunshine Coast Regional Council requirement that to implement the larger Cittamani upgrade project in its entirety, a series of modifications to the driveway and carpark is required, which includes:

  • Upgrade existing access
  • Widen entrance and entrance drive to 5.5 metres
  • Bitumen seal drive
  • Appropriate signage
  • Sealed disabled parking area and sealed access from there to building.
  • Levelling and consolidation of remainder of the carpark
  • Landscaping works around the carpark
  • Removal of several large trees.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is used daily for activities such as:

Bereavement support groups; Volunteer training, support and education; Family conferences and individual counselling; Community education sessions; Staff meetings, education, group counselling, and reflective practice. This project seeks to open up more space in the room through removing the toilet and storeroom. Doing so will increase the capacity of the room by at least fifty percent.

Building Extension

The Service continues to expand and once again we are outgrowing our current premises. Plans are afoot to extend our existing building to provide more office space and storage for nursing equipment

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cittyamani extension diagram

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