Complaints Policy


CHS is committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to our clients and to collaborating effectively with other health care providers. Our vision statement emphasises the value and dignity of all life and a commitment to kindness, co-operation and respect as the basis of all our individual, team, and corporate relationships.

We consider the receipt of a complaint about our service as a valuable opportunity to improve and develop and we are committed to respond in a manner that accords with the core values outlined above.


This Policy is intended to apply to any complaint, regardless of who makes it.
We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about our organisation,
our staff, our volunteers, or anyone else acting on our behalf.

A complaint may be made by a person to whom we deliver services or who is affected by our services, a local organisation with which we work, donors, or a member of the public.

Complaints by staff or volunteers will be managed in accordance with Cittamani’s Grievance Procedures

Publicising this Policy:

People will be made aware of our Complaints Policy through our Rights and Responsibilities Document and our Website.

How complaints may be made:

Complaints may be made by phone, in writing or in person. They should be immediately referred to The Executive Director or Senior Social Worker for action.

Managing complaints:

On receipt of a complaint, it will be entered in the Complaints Register by the Executive Director or Senior Social Worker. An assessment will be undertaken to determine the likely category of the complaint and the details will be recorded on a CQI and, in the case of what appear to be straight forward complaints, referred to the responsible Manager for action.

In the case of straight forward complaints, an effort will be made to resolve it to the satisfaction of both parties with a phone call. The process and outcome will be recorded on a CQI. The relevant manager will seek to resolve the complaint within five business days.

In the case of a client or carer complaint about a nurse to another nurse, the nurse can listen to the complaint and advise the person that they can contact the Executive Director or Senior Social Worker to discuss the matter. If the client or carer does not wish to contact the office, then the nurse should seek permission to bring the matter back to Cittamani. The Executive Director or Senior Social Worker can then contact the person to discuss the complaint. As with all complaints a CQI needs to be raised and the matter entered in the Complaint Register.

In the case of more complex complaints the following procedure will be followed:

The complaint will be recorded on a CQI form and forwarded to the Director for action.

They will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, assess what has occurred and make an initial assessment. Except in cases of serious complaint, the Director, in consultation with other members of the Senior Management Committee will investigate the matter thoroughly, having regard to the principles of natural justice and decide on the most appropriate response to issues raised in the complaint e.g. changes to the way in which Cittamani operates, training, counselling or disciplinary action. Where appropriate, a CQI will be generated to ensure effective follow up.

Serious Complaints, i.e. where there has been an allegation of a serious breach of policy or the Staff Code of Ethics and Behaviour will be immediately escalated in the organisation. These will be managed by the Director in consultation with the Chairperson of Cittamani’s Board.


For serious or complex complaints which cannot be immediately resolved, the complaint will be acknowledged in writing or by telephone within five business days.

In most cases it is expected that complaint will be resolved within 30 days. However if this is not the case, the Director will inform the complainant of the progress that has been made by the end of 30 days. It should be noted that all timeframes may be subject to the availability of the complainant and/or other parties involved in the matter.


The complainant’s name and personal details will not be revealed to anyone outside Cittamani without permission.

Recording complaint data:

A complaints register is maintained by Cittamani as part of our Quality Management Program.

Reporting about complaints:

Straightforward complaints will be reported to the next meeting of the Senior Management Committee. Serious complaints will be reported to the next Board Meeting.

A report will also be submitted to the Board and Management Review Committee at six monthly intervals detailing the number and type of complaint received together with an analysis of compliance with this policy and comparison with previous periods.

Continuous improvement:

A review of complaints received, any trends identified, and how effectively they have been managed is undertaken at regular Management Review Committee Meetings.


Management Review Committee – Comprises Executive Director, Senior Social Worker, Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Assistant.

CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement Form

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